Our Story

SOLO TRE ART OF BEAUTY is an unparalleled oasis in the luxurious and ultramodern Dubai providing a wide range of beauty located in Radisson Blu Water Front. We offer a variety of indulgent and highly personalized signature treatments including all hair services, eyelash extensions, and nail care.


The proposal for the lady's salon was initiated for the women of this modern Era who always like to be presentable and radiate a confident vibe. As per the short study conducted by our team, they concluded that more women visiting Salon were more productive and confident in their respective fields.

Who We Are

Our Strength

Since our intention was pure in serving our customers, we received a lot of love and support. Our existing customers started recommending us and we found new customers to extend our services.

Our Values

Today, we are proud that we have an increasing number of loyal customers that are delighted with our services. We wish to continue doing that today, tomorrow, and in the future.